About Us

The Superheroes of Victoria began as a charity group dedicated to raising awareness for the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation and their ”Be a Superhero Campaign” – What better way to help a superhero campaign than with actual superheroes.

We started with a simple mission: to help in our community in any way possible. Eight years later, the Superheroes of Victoria Volunteer Society has now grown to become a free volunteer resource available for over 4 dozen charitable organizations and community groups, and the list is still growing.

We are available to help raise money and awareness for charitable causes, help with logistics and planning of events, or assist by providing extra out-of-costume hands wherever needed. Our local superhero themed charity is a strong advocate for promoting volunteerism in our communities.

We also run a Superhero Literacy Tour with local schools and libraries, organize a Junior Superheroes volunteering program, provide a work space for cosplayers and volunteers, and make regular visits to the Pediatrics wing of the Victoria General Hospital.

This city is full of superheroes helping in many different ways and we’re so proud of each and every one of our volunteers for sharing so much of their time and talent. That’s why we call them Supers.

We are about bringing volunteers to the community. We don’t just show up, we get involved!