Contact Us

If you’re interested in getting involved we already have your cape ready for you. Can’t see yourself dressed as your favourite superhero, or villain? We have other ways to be involved as well, please send us an email to

The Supers have a headquarters (generously donated by Hansbruan Investments) at 3965 Quadra street unit 202A, in the Saanich Centre Plaza on the corner of Quadra & McKenzie. This is a volunteer resource office and does not have regular business hours. So if you’d like to stop by, feel free to give us a shout. It’s open for all volunteers and supporters to come help plan events, work on costumes or projects or to just play dress-up. It’s also open for volunteers/cosplayers to work on their own projects.

The Superheroes of Victoria believe our communities not only deserves Superheroes doing good things – but real people doing great things. Help us make a difference for the heroes in our community and put a smile back on a child’s face.

The greatest heroes are the ones that inspire others