Facetime For iPhone And It`s Unique Features

It`s an iPhone-centric application specifically designed for iPhone users. Just like imo, skype, Viber, hangouts etc. Apple to this time came up with something astounding. The new video and voice calling the application of Facetime let your dear ones connected with you anytime and anywhere. The fact that it is was specific iPhone app gave a sense of ownership to the iPhone users. But now it can also be downloaded on other platforms too like android and windows too. Nevertheless, the availability of this app on other platforms doesn’t degrade its incumbent value.

Apple developed it as a open standard app. In reality, Facetime remains available to iPhone users only. Similarly, it is equally available on other iPhone products such as iPhone 4,5,6,7 iPad2, I pod touch and MAC. Currently, apple has kept the price of their app Facetime pretty low with just 99 cents. With this price quote, apple is trying to rope in all the potential customers to adopt this application as the center application for all the video and audio calls. For instance, if you want to make a phone call to someone, all you need to do is just enter his or her phone number in the app. Similarly, if you want to reach him/her on iPad, iPod touch or MAC computer you`ll have to type the address in the email address. But here is a good news or even a bad news for some, that whenever you receive a call on Facetime, all your MAC devices will be ringing.

Other features

Other features included in the app are the picture view. This feature lets you see exactly how your profile is being viewed by another person on chat.  You also get the option to choose between the rear facing or front facing the camera and similarly which also gives an easy transition between the landscape and portrait view. It also supports high definition video calling if you have a high definition camera (like more than 720p resolution camera) on your iPhone device.

A glance over the features of this app

  • IOS device- the application Facetime for iPhone is available on all the apple`s I tunes official IOS store
  • Video calling- the video calling centric app, this is perhaps one of the best-coded entity from apple which gives a fine video calling experience with lot of clarity
  • User-friendly- through the Facetime app, the user can be at two places simultaneously at one time. This gives the facility to chat with two people at one time also. Also, group video calling can be done with this app.
  • Access- you also get the feature of running the call in the background, which you have access to other features of the phone.
  • No timer- the timer of Facetime app doesn’t count regular minutes just like the cellular call data. All the video and voice calling on the application is absolutely free.
  • Camera orient- it lets the user orient both the cameras i.e. primary and secondary cameras as per the user`s choice.
  • Regular update- many extravagant features are added to the application via the regular updates.